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You’re Such a Character!

I have a dress-up box for my grandkids that was my daughters. Squeaks, my 6 year old grandson, loves to be a Ninja or Batman. He gets into character with a sword and poses for pictures with a grimacing face. Whoopie, my 3 year old granddaughter, enjoys the old dance costumes and plays one character when she poses – pure sweetness with a smile to match! We all know about 2 and 3 year old tantrums, so this adorable characteristic isn’t always an accurate portrayal of who she is. They’re such characters!!

Isn’t that true about our characteristics? Sometimes we’re playing one while hiding another.

Characteristics are an important component in Life Coaching a client. Good characteristics keep you moving forward with God’s purpose in your life, while character faults keep you stagnant from enjoying all life has to offer. I take a client’s hand and walk with them to discover both, as well as good and bad habits, what drives them, and if they are introverted or extroverted.

When looking at your character strengths, are you honest, reliable, trustworthy and authentic? Compassionate and encouraging? Do you have a nurturing personality? Are you friendly, funny, joyful and loving? Do you have gifts of observing, intuitive and discerning? These traits play a big part in who you are and what your purpose can be.

Character flaws that hold us back from our dreams, passions and relationships can be jealousy, bitterness, and anger. When we are self-righteous, prideful, rude, unfair or unkind. So does controlling, intimidation, aggressiveness and being intolerant and impatient. These flaws are uncomfortable to be around and often unsuccessful.

Good habits keep us accountable to others, such as being on time, admitting to mistakes and apologizing. Being able to forgive others and move on after an ordeal. Thanking and affirming people, serving others, and establishing traditions are great habits.

Bad habits can include enjoying the payoff of being a victim, highly self-critical talk, and giving in stress-induced insomnia. If you tend to make excuses for others or finish people’s sentences and explode with a temper fit, these are habits that can block who you want to be. Blindsiding people to throw them off balance, apologizing all the time or having trouble with authority figures doesn’t allow you to relate in a healthy way.

The great news is, once you acknowledge these strengths, weaknesses and habits, you can surrender those that no longer work for you and use those that attribute to your calling. This is really good information to know and I always enjoy helping people discover their characteristics.

What did you note about yourself? If God were sitting in the room with you, what characteristic would he say is a blessing about you? What would he say is interfering with your ability to live the best life possible? Comment below or email me at

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