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Whoosh or Wait

If we look at 1 Kings 18 we find the story of Elijah proving to those who worshipped Baal, that his God was indeed THE God. We see the impossible happen as Elijah builds the altar, and then pours water on the offering NUMEROUS times and yet when he calls upon God, fire from heaven comes down and consumes the offering in a WOOSH. Now that’s answered prayer. If only God would answer our prayers like THAT everyday!

But also keep in mind that Elijah prayed for the widow’s son, not once but THREE times. Elijah prayed for rain, not once, but SEVEN times.

Be encouraged as you pray, that God is faithful and His timing is perfect. For me, prayer is an act of placing my concerns and desires in the hands of the One who knows what’s best. Sometimes that means waiting, and it always means trust.

Keep praying, keep believing – He hears you, He loves you, and His timing is perfect.

…gotta love the WOOSHES though, right?!

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