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Who Are Your Peeps?

As a Life Coach, an initial conversation with clients discovering their purpose is who are the people in your posse? Once you devise a step-by-step purpose plan with goals, you’re gonna need a posse of peeps!

In forming your posse, think of people who made positive, lasting impressions. They may have taught you or modeled a role for you. Who is it that loves you unconditionally and has your back? Who can you spend hours with, telling them anything? Who can talk boldly when you most need it? Who are you excited to spend time with and will listen intently when you share secrets? Who do you go to when you struggle and can’t face the world? Who fills you emotionally and spiritually? Do you have a best friend? A friendship you’ve cherished more than others and sticks by you no matter what you do. Who understands you, completes your sentences and shares a sweet history. Who has mentored you? That wise person you go to who is trusted and honest. They’ve lived some life, weathered the storms and can tell you what NOT to do! How about an accountability partner? That person who nudges you to keep your goals, stick to your financial plan, puts you back on track and encourages your spiritual growth. What role models do you have? A person you look up to and want to be like. Someone who set the achievable bar. And has experience in how to start over if you didn’t quite make it. Do you have a hero? A person of courage, a risk-taker? That could be someone you know or a historical figure. Someone you’ve admired. What do you see in your relationships? Do you have too few? Too many? Are they the wrong kind with Negative Nelly’s, or have an agenda that doesn’t include supporting and encouraging you? Or do you have a good blend of different kinds of relationships that move you toward God’s purpose for you? Check your peeps! Be on the lookout for those who can bring out the best in you and help you accomplish your dreams. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to hold you accountable or mentor you. We all need a good posse behind us!

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