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What Are You Bringing to the Table?

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are your bringing to the table this year? Here at Outside of Ordinary we’re really into “encouragement”. At my workshop I share that just a few words of encouragement can bring life to a smoldering ember, reigniting passion and purpose in someone’s life.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have lunch with an old friend and his daughter. He brought lots to the table: kindness, humor, he paid for my lunch and he even offered his help. There was one thing he said to me just before we parted ways that really had an impact on me. He shared with his daughter that some time ago he was in a very dark place – really struggling with the obstacles in his life. He happened upon one of my videos on Facebook and it gave him a different perspective – it helped him to get his mind back on track. Little did he know that just that morning I was questioning the value of my efforts. My flame was burning low. But his words of encouragement breathed life back into my purpose.

So bring your sweet potato casserole, your green beans and pumpkin pie…but I challenge you to bring some light to the table this year as well. Offer a few words of encouragement to your family and friends. Fan the flames and bring a smile to their soul.

Have an Outside of Ordinary Thanksgiving!

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