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Wait Until The End

So it’s official, Captain Joel is a married man and that makes me a MOTHER-IN-LAW! The wedding was beautiful and it was so good to celebrate with family. It was a weekend of joy, craziness and as with any big event, hard work. I saw the faithfulness of God in a whole new light. I’m so very thankful that the rainy weather cleared in time for the outdoor ceremony, but it was in the surprises that I got a glimpse of the handiwork of God. When you put so much effort into the details of an event, it’s quite apparent when there’s a misstep. I saw how God took the missteps and created a beautiful dance, and although the story took a few unexpected twists and turns, at the end I realized it was a best-seller.

Isn’t that the way it is in our lives as well?  How’s your story progressing? Does it feel like that last sentence was out of place? Maybe that last paragraph wasn’t quite what you expected or maybe it’s this chapter that you’re stuck in that feels like is going nowhere. The good news is that the end is guaranteed to be divine. All the sentences, paragraphs and chapters will come together to tell the perfect story. I am forever grateful for the hope I have in Jesus – today, tomorrow and forever. He is for me, He is for you and He’ll be with us to the end!

Let’s remember that when we stumble across that difficult person – you’re only seeing a portion of their story – walk in love – perhaps they’re redeemed in the next chapter! (Maybe you can even help them with an edit.)

I heard Demi Moore say in an interview this morning: “When you decide who somebody is, you take away the possibility of them becoming someone else” …something to think about, right?

“Oh Lord, it seems as though you’ve just begun to show me your great power”   Deuteronomy 3:24

Congratulations Captain Joel and Sweet Pea – I love you both!

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