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Uncontainable Valentine

It’s Valentine week, or as my daughter once said in high school: “Make Me Feel Like A Loser Day”. I know from experience it can be a depressing time for many. Let’s face it, not everyone has that special someone who wants to make your day ooey, gooey, lovey, dovey. You may spend the day watching co-workers, neighbors and classmates receive flowers, chocolates and balloons while you receive a text asking what’s for dinner. It can be brutal.

I couldn’t sleep last night and I found myself thinking about Niagara Falls (completely normal, right?). I’m teaching a class on God’s extravagant love and we’ve been studying the depth of God’s love for us…His grace and mercy, the many dimensions of His love and how His love is uncontainable. That’s where Niagara Falls comes in. If you’ve had the privilege of visiting the falls, you know the magnificence and power of all that water pouring down. It comes from several directions, crashing against the rocks, never easing up or stopping. In fact that water hits with such force that it creates a dense mist. The stronger the winds, the greater the mist. If you want to get close to the rim, you probably want to wear protective gear to keep you dry.

Niagara Falls reminds me of God’s uncontainable love. It too never eases up or stops, and I love the idea of the greater the winds of turmoil in our lives, the greater the mist of His love. The problem is that many of us approach God’s love with protective gear – walls of defense and fear. We are unsure about His love and we don’t want it risk it not being enough.

I want to tell you, dear Valentine of His love for YOU. He loved you the day He created you in all of your uniqueness and beauty and He’s loved you every single day since then. He loved you before you understood His existence. He’s loved you when you’ve done well, and just as much when you’ve made stupid choices. His love for you knows no bounds and it is constant – it will never end. You can’t earn it, you don’t deserve it. It is pure and it is beyond our comprehension. He loves you so much that He sacrificed His son so you can spend eternity with Him. He loves you.

It’s time to shed the protective gear and let the mist of His love refresh you. If you find yourself lacking in Hallmark cards this year, I challenge you to Google “Does God love me” and you will get the card of a lifetime. Drink it in, let it wash over you…go for a swim. Make this the best Valentine’s Day ever. As for me, I’m off to find a barrel because I’m going over the top.   Then again, who needs a barrel?

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