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To Thai or Not to Thai

I love food, but I don’t know Thai food. I never had Thai food. Thai food sounds really spicy – I don’t like spicy. HOWEVER, this weekend I was with family and they decided we were going out for Thai food. Yikes. Time to step out of my circle of ordinary, right?

As I perused the menu, I soon discovered that when you order your food, you choose the level of “heat”, 5 being the spiciest. I could do this. I ordered chicken noodle soup (my family made fun of me), at a heat level of 1. 


My chicken noodle soup was very bland. Duh. I soon began tasting everyone else’s dishes to discover that I actually liked a little heat, and the unusual dishes were much tastier, so I learned yet another lesson: When you stand on the edge of ordinary, you miss the REAL adventure.

Step out of your circle of ordinary and have a #5 week (or at least a 3)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


– Lori Klickman

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