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Time to Weed?

A few weeks ago I talked about the flower beds at my new house and how I had no idea what might come up. I chose to be patient before digging so I wouldn’t damage whatever surprises awaited me. Well I waited and some flowers grew, some beds stayed empty and other plants emerged that confused me. I wasn’t quite sure if they were flowers or weeds. One plant in particular was positioned just right on my patio, so I fed it and cared for it as it continued to grow. I was anxious to see what flowers it might produce. It grew, and it grew…and it grew. It was at that point I used my new phone app to identify this mysterious plant. To my dismay it was clearly identified as a weed. I was disappointed and even considered leaving it but it soon became obvious that this was no garden flower and I pulled it up and replaced it with a plant from the nursery. After all I didn’t want the weed to reproduce and spread.

Sometimes we let the “weeds” in our lives stay around a little longer than we should. Do you have life weeds? It might be a bad relationship, a bad habit, poor use of time or any choice that debilitates a life surrendered to God. I know I often rationalize the presence of my “weeds” rather than pull them. Unfortunately a weed will spread, and eventually a weed will take away the beauty of the garden. Often times the weeds will even choke out the flowers.

It’s time to take a good look at your “garden”. Are you feeding the weeds? I encourage you to get down on your knees (prayer) and pull those suckers out by the root. Sometimes we have to simply clean up our lives. It might take some work, it might not be fun, but it will result in a beautiful life-producing garden.

Remember there’s no such thing as “one little weed”.

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