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The Winds Of Change

Ollie and I went for our morning walk today and for the first time since moving to Edmond, I was COLD. The temperature was in the upper 50's but the WIND (that's a lot of wind) made it uncomfortable.

It was easy to meditate on the wind while I was trying to keep my hood on. I

think it's safe to say that wind always brings change. It's either blowing in cold weather, warm weather, a storm. Wind can be annoying - it can blow things away or bring your neighbor's leaves over for a stay. Wind can be helpful if you're flying a kite, sailing a boat or you simple need a cool breeze on a hot day.

If the winds are blowing in your life today, look past the annoyance and welcome the coming change. Exciting days are ahead. There's no need to fear when Jesus is your anchor - enjoy the ride!

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