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The Window

Isaiah 33:17  “You will see the land that stretches far away.”

Until recently my sister, Cindy lived in a studio apartment in Chicago that only had one window, and that one window faced a wall.   She could not even seen the ground to know if had snowed.  She lived there comfortably for over two years.

Just this last week she moved into her new apartment that has a large window that looks out over Lake Michigan.  She sees several buildings,  a golf course, some tennis courts and best of all, the horizon.  This was the primary reason she chose her new habitat, well that and the fact that it was actually lower rent and had a swimming pool.

The really interesting part of the story is that on the first few days in her new space she felt “unbalanced”.  The expanse of her view was a little unsettling.  She realized she lost a sense of security when her world opened up.

That happens when we step out of “ordinary”.  The world can feel a little scary…a new perspective can challenge what previously felt “safe”.  But once we regain our balance, we realize there is so much more to see.  There’s a part of life we never experienced before.  We reinvent our “normal”.

On Cindy’s first day she took in her view and noticed a wedding taking place and much to her surprise (since she thought her building faced north), she saw the first of many beautiful sunsets to come.    Who knew?

…and little did she know her new apartment provided cable service.  So after two years of Netflix, she discovered she had 100 channels to choose from…she was so overwhelmed she just turned to Netflix..  Baby steps.

-Lori Klickman

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