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The Visitor Center

One of my very favorite vacations was traveling to Maine with Hero Husband a few years ago. Our plan was to NOT have a plan, but rather fly into Portland, rent a car and hit the road. We were going to be free spirits and EXPLORE. We were only a few miles down the road when I realized that the highways in Maine look a lot like the highways in Oklahoma – okay so maybe the trees were a little different but honestly, how were we supposed to  know where to find what we were looking for? I tried researching online but it was overwhelming. Then I saw the sign…


We pulled in hoping to gather some maps and brochures so we could get our adventure started. That’s when we met the most amazing man. This man’s sole purpose was to help wandering, lost tourists looking for adventure. He quickly pulled out some maps and then asked us what we were looking for.

“I want to see a lighthouse….oh, and I want to eat fresh lobster – and seals – I want to see seals – maybe a whale.  I want to go to a quaint non-touristy town like in the Hallmark movies – and I want to hike. Shopping is always fun. I don’t know – surprise me!!!”

His grin got even bigger as he pulled out his highlighters.

“How about not just seeing a lighthouse, but climbing up in one and learning how it works?” “How about not just eating lobster but going to an iconic lobster shack where you’ll be able to watch the fishermen bring in the fresh lobsters?” Here’s the way to a beautiful town with a great harbor, and just down the road is a State Park where you can hike up a small mountain and get a spectacular view”. “Take this route and you’ll find a small town where you can charter a boat to take you out to see the seals”.

We did all the above and even more. I am so very thankful for that man’s guidance…and he gave us each an apple before sending us on our way.

So here’s something to think about:

Many of us navigate our spiritual lives by jumping in the car and hoping we’ll find our way. In today’s culture going to church (a/k/a the Visitor Center)  is something we do when we “have time” or aren’t “too tired”. You’re  just too busy and rely on the little information you have, thinking it will be enough. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but one thing I know for sure is that you’re missing out on the BEST adventure.

It’s at church where you’ll find the people who will help you navigate, explore and discover. They’ll also help you avoid something of the obstacles that you don’t see coming. They know how to point you to the good stuff, enabling you to have a rich and fulfilling experience. You’ll find wisdom, instruction, tour guides and even friends to take along on your journey.

Maybe 2020 is the year you find the Visitor Center and truly get your adventure on the way…seriously you’ll be missing out if you drive by!

Stop by this Sunday!

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