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The Outside of Ordinary Gift

A few weeks ago a dear friend gave me a gift clearly wrapped as a baby gift. I was overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness in buying a gift for my new grandson. I set the gift aside with the intention of giving it to my daughter-in-law the next time I saw her.

My son and his family came for a visit last weekend and I was excited to give her the unexpected gift. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise gift?? Sweet Pea daughter-in-law started with the card attached to the gift, only to discover that gift was intended for me rather than her. I never considered that someone would buy a "baby" gift for me. She handed the gift over and I unwrapped two beautiful books intended for a grandmother. I immediately was embarrassed that the gift sat unopened for weeks and my friend was probably wondering why I never acknowledged it or sent a thank-you note. I had no idea what I was missing under all the tissue paper.

The next day Ollie and I were on a walk and I was chuckling to myself at the silliness of the whole event and then it occurred to me that the Word of God is very much like that unwrapped gift.

-it’s nice to look at;

-we know there’s something good inside;

-the contents do us little good if we don’t know what they are;

-the contents have a different meaning when opened by someone else;

-it’s hard to be grateful when you’re not aware of the blessing.

Perhaps it’s time for you to open the gift of God’s Word. Don’t miss out on all the treasure God has for YOU. The encouragement, the promises, the love, grace, mercy and purpose. There’s so much to be explored and enjoyed but first...


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