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The Mom, The Lunch & The Bracelet

I recently read the story in the Bible about the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus, and Jesus fed the 5000. It set me to thinking. One of my favorite ways to read the stories in the gospels is to “look behind the scenes”, and imagine the back story. While reading this story, I couldn’t help but think about the mother who packed that boy’s lunch. Perhaps throwing those two fish, and two loaves into the sack was just another mundane chore for her. I wonder if she was just plain tired of meeting everyone else’s needs. I wonder who caught those two fish? – maybe the boy’s father?…maybe they were purchased from a nearby fisherman…just another mundane chore. I wonder if the boy whined at the idea of having to carry around a sack lunch all day (apparently it wasn’t the cool thing to do, since none of the other 4999 plus didn’t carry one) – how embarrassing.

Have you ever noticed that miracles always start with the mundane? When Jesus performed the miracles found in the gospels, He didn’t start with spectacular, He didn’t

-make sure the lighting was correct -have the perfect background music -choose the most talented or best looking people who were dressed properly -market so He’d get more ‘likes” (in fact I remember a particular miracle where he asked that they tell no one–hmmmm)

Jesus was all about taking the ordinary, and making it extraordinary:

-water into wine -blindness into sight -lame into dancing -a sack lunch into an all you can eat buffet -death into life

The God of the Unexpected.

I think about my friend, Jill…she had the idea that we should give bracelets to all the women who attended the BRAVE Conference. She immediately volunteered to take on the task of designing and acquiring the BRAVE bracelets. I never heard much about it after that, but sure enough every woman who walked through those doors was given a BRAVE bracelet. Nice touch, right? So this week a story comes my way of a young woman who attended the conference. She found herself at a Bible study and felt that she should share her testimony. The only problem was that she didn’t really want to speak up and would rather just sit back and listen. It was then that she looked down and saw her BRAVE bracelet, and mustered up the courage to speak. Afterwards, four separate women thanked her for her message that encouraged them. Jill’s obedience to her task changed lives.

The scripture tells us that when Jesus took that sack lunch, He lifted it up and gave thanks, and then the feast began. The next time you are caught in the middle of “mundane”, remember the woman who packed the lunch that day – lift up your sack of “ordinary life”, give thanks, and watch what God can do.

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