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The Great Exchange

Our Fall conference in Grove, Oklahoma is right around the corner. If you live in the area, I hope you are planning on joining us for "Rescued, The Great Exchange".

I've had some questions about the content of the conference, so today I want to talk just a little about "The Great Exchange". In a world full of differences there are some things we all still have in common. For example, we all face an element of chaos in our lives. Our stories might be very different but whatever struggle or disappointment you might be facing, Jesus remains your Solid Rock - a strong and everlasting foundation. You might feel like you're standing on sinking ground but I want to encourage you that He is ready and willing to put your feet back on solid ground - He wants to RESCUE you.

We're going to explore what happens during that "rescue". When I look at scripture, I see a pattern of "exchange". Psalm 107 is a perfect example. I encourage you to read the entire Psalm, but here's just a snippet:

"But the Lord can also turn deserts into lakes and scorched land into flowing streams." (CEV)

We're often required to be part of that exchange:

-a change in our behavior

-a surrender of an emotion

-trust and obey

-take a risk (faith)

When we look at Psalm 107 we see that God not only rescues us but He restores us:

-He brings us "out"

-He sustains us

-He sets us free from bondage

-He fights for us and protects us

-He heals us

-He brings peace to the chaos

-He blesses us beyond our comprehension

Take a moment today and read the good news for yourself in Psalm 107. And then register for the conference - it's free because of the generosity of the Grove Ministerial Alliance. You can complete the registration process and get additional information about the day at outsideofordinary.org.

I truly hope to see you there!!

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