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The Grateful Person

The Grateful Person

Thank you for staying with me through descriptions of the four types of person Life Coaching clients choose from to determine who they are. We’ve learned about The No Clue Person, The Guilty Person, and The Stressed Person. Finally, we have The Grateful Person.

Dr. Katie Brazelton, founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, describes this person as saying, “Thank you, Lord, that right now, things seem somewhat balanced and your vision for my life appears much clearer than before. Let me live in humble thankfulness for your gracious kindness toward me today. Brace me to deal with tomorrow’s headaches tomorrow.” This person is counting his/her blessings for the present season of life. This person is on-track with his/her life purposes, without having derailed relationships.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how I’ve been all four at different times. I was the No Clue Person early in age. I believed in Christ, because he was a human on earth, but God was too big and mysterious for me to understand. I wasn’t brought up in church and didn’t attend until we felt our kids needed that direction and community. At least, that was my reason. What I got, however, was direction and community for ME! My purpose was beginning to form.

I was The Guilty Person for many years as I was mothering-without-a-map…no role model to show me the way. I checked myself into more than one parenting class and dragged Super Dad with me. He didn’t become Super Dad all by himself! I learned a lot about myself, trying to parent inside the box, no wiggle room on how parenting should be done. It wasn’t my kids that needed to change – it was me! Once I acknowledged my shortcomings and worked on healing me, I was finally open to what God’s purpose was for my life – to help others in the same situation.

Then I was The Stressed Person! Although I knew God wanted me to help people transform into their purpose, I was caught up in the world and feeling a bigger need to financially care for my family and future.

I am blessed to say I am The Grateful Person! It took me 57 years to get here, so if you’re not there yet, its never too late! I know, without a doubt, my purpose as a Life Coach is to help others achieve balance, and vision of their purpose – ultimately, to be The Grateful Person. It is achievable. I’m here to prove that.

I know many people of all ages who are angry, bitter, scared, lost, isolated, depressed, feeling unworthy, victims of their circumstances. I also know they don’t have to live that way.  Direction is needed to discover blockades keeping them from enjoying relationships. Focus, freedom and gratefulness is available if they’ll say YES to healing brokenness, and find God’s purpose. It takes work, but it’s worth the journey! I promise.

Which person are you at this time in your life? Comment below or email me at outsideofordinary.dee@gmail.com

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