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The Front Row

I spent years in community theater. It’s no secret that I love to perform. I learned a lot during those years but I specifically recall a time when I was struggling with a friend relationship. I felt unsupported and dismissed. I shared my frustration with the director of the play I was working on and she gave me some advice that I have treasured and carried with me since. She used my theater experience to teach me a valuable lesson.

When you perform on a theater stage, the lights in the audience go down and the light on you is so bright that you really can’t see the people in the audience except for maybe those in the front row who are absorbing some of your light…especially if there’s a spotlight. I loved this circumstance because I felt a freedom to just perform and not worry about the approval or disapproval on the faces in the crowd. As for the front row…well more often than not they were people that I knew or people who REALLY wanted a good seat - good supporters you might say.

The day I shared my struggle, my director told me to be careful who I allow to sit in the front row of my life. Those precious seats should not be filled with naysayers or critical people. They should be filled with those who first off, WANT to be there and those who fully support my efforts even if I miss the mark. People who will build me up, allowing me to grow and become a a better person, rather than those who will be critical or apathetic in regards to my dreams and aspirations. Someone was moved to the back row in my life that day.

So who’s in the front row of your life? Maybe it’s time to exchange some seats.

“Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up.” I Thess 5:11

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