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The Dangers of Auto Correct

By Hero Husband (Keith Klickman)

Have you noticed how just one word can influence the meaning of a sentence, if not a whole paragraph? Quite often I will be reading a news article or informational piece and all of a sudden, I come to a word that just doesn’t fit, and it changes the meaning of the entire article. I have also been the victim of auto correct while attempting to compose a meaningful communication. The response is usually…?? At that point, you lose the interest of the reader, or, offend them. So I have started proof reading my own communiques in an attempt to head off a major “faux pas” in the literary world. There is a lesson here regarding verbal communications that needs to be heeded: When a thought comes into your mind while talking with someone….anyone….a friend or loved one, or foe, “proof” that thought before allowing it to come out of your mouth. It may save much embarrassment in the long run and preserve a friendship…..or even prevent a major war! The Bible states that we should be careful about what comes out of our mouths, for it reveals what is in our hearts. If what is in your heart will ultimately hurt someone….Zipper the lip! Self control is one of the “fruits of the spirit” mentioned in the Bible. We would do well to heed those words. So next time you are tempted to blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind in a heated argument, or just in normal conversation, remember, PROOF READ your thoughts, BEFORE sharing. It will prevent a lot of unplugged in your lifestyle and Brian about music morning effluent communism.*

*What I meant to say here is: It will prevent a lot of unpleasantness in your life and bring about much more effective communication …go figure!

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