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The BRAVE Wave – Wednesday

Joy Wisdom shares:

The Brave conference was definitely a breath of fresh air! If I had to sum it up in one word I would say it was REFRESHING. It was such a blessing to share a weekend with other sisters (of many denominations) in Christ! I honestly had some reservations about how the whole conference would go. How would ladies of various ages and backgrounds worship and how would the messages be received? But the awesome thing is, is that when the Lord is in it, all of those questions fade away and the atmosphere becomes a home away from home. The Lord was definitely in it! He showed up and showed out! The worship was phenomenal. It was so easy to enter into throne room of God. Lori brought forth exciting messages that really made you think and take a look at the way you live your life for the Lord. We were challenged to step out of our comfort zones and not to settle for less than what He has for us! I so appreciated the testimonies of our dear sisters who “put themselves out there” and shared from their hearts what I call the “ugly” that we dont want others to know about us and our pasts. In addition to the spiritual aspect, I was blown away by all the little details that went into the event. From the fun t-shirt design, to the AMAZING door prizes, to the yummy food from the food truck vendors, every intricate detail was covered to make it a top notch women’s conference right on our hometown of Grove, OK! And not to mention, it was FREE because of some incredible churches and individuals that are about God being glorified!! Hats off to the gracious hosts, First Christian Church, and Lori and her team! I can’t wait till next year!!

Melissa Williams shares:

The Brave Conference was amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it! There was music, dance, skits and amazing messages. I could tell the Spirit of God was present. I was inspired, encouraged, and set free! It was nice to see that other women have the same struggles as I have. I’m hoping it will be an annual thing

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