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The BRAVE Wave -Tuesday

Celeste Jackson shared:

What did the Brave Conference mean to me? Well, hmmmm, I knew it was going to be a great experience and I was grateful for the opportunity to get the time off and drive to Grove, OK and bring a friend and most of all support Lori in the first Outside of Ordinary “Brave” Conference. I didn’t expect to find a group of women dedicated to be very vulnerable, making everyone’s time at the conference personal, and see hope through their bravery. I’ve been to other conferences and while coming to Jesus is the theme, being loved and accepted, and the message of hope portrayed, I’ve never felt this tug and made a deep connection to the message. Home now for 6 days and watched the Friday night messages a few times; the first thing that comes to mind is…… Instead of fighting and justifying why, I am aware of a new journey I need to make. A journey of being vulnerable. My first feeling is fear. Fear that I will crack, break, start crying and won’t be able to stop. I don’t want to talk about me, not fond of sharing my reality and loneliness, don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, so I cover my reality with work. I get so much satisfaction from being really good at what I do for a living that it’s overshadowed who Celeste is. A couple years ago, I did some Christian counseling to get beyond those feelings that have created shame in my life. Although some of those issues are laid to rest, the path of vulnerability to bravery was absent. A new message is in my heart and instead of that downward cast of inadequacy, a new message of live it up, eyes focused on Jesus to move bravely forward is in my heart.

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