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The Brave Wave – Thursday

Susie Niehus shared:

A wise man once said that to get a job done right, you should ask a busy woman. Busy seems to be a word that describes my life more days than not. Busy is what I was when I found out there would be a meeting about planning a women’s conference, well over 6 months ago. Busy is what I continued to be when I found out that the committee for this conference needed someone to serve as the conference director, and busy is how I felt, when God started convicting me to step into this role. Nevertheless, I couldn’t get this conviction off of my heart and volunteered for the job. As the director of the Brave Conference, I had incredibly high expectations for how impactful this event would be. I had prayed it would be life changing for the women who attended. I had worked with a team of women to try to perfect every detail of this worship experience, and I believed we had prepared every minute (yes, literally) to bring glory to God. What I had not planned for is how this conference would impact me personally. I had the privilege of watching many of the “God moments” that happened as things fell perfectly into place, without credit to anyone other than Him. One of the instances that I did not see coming was Friday night as we talked about the baggage that comes with being a “people pleaser.” I too, fall into that category far more often than I would like to admit and as I sat in my chair completely blind-sided by the thought of this event actually speaking to me personally, I felt a huge release. I was able to let go of the reins, so to speak, and just embrace the comfort of knowing that God is happy with me. I am enough for Him. No matter how busy I keep myself, I don’t have to work to be pleasing to Him. So, I guess you could say that my BRAVE moment came with the realization that sometimes being brave, simply means being comfortable with who He created you to be.

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