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The BRAVE Wave – Monday

I’ve asked some of the ladies who attended the recent BRAVE Conference to share their perspective. I will be sharing their thoughts this week. If you would like to share your thoughts, feel free to comment or send an email to outsideofordinary.lori@gmail.com We would love to hear from you!!!

Dee Peel shared:

What an amazing spirit-filled Brave Women’s Conference last weekend in Grove, OK! My expectations were, I’m embarrassed to say, that this would be an average, local production. But God showed up and gave over 150 women (and a few men) a dose of how He does things and it’s always above our expectations. Beautiful women bravely shared their stories of how they were chained in shame, guilt and how alone they felt in their history. Several were vulnerable, for the first time in their lives, on the stage in front of a crowd. Their secrets were out, some with tears, of the pain and suffering they had on their hearts. But also, they shared the amazing grace they received when they finally gave that pain to Jesus, sometimes in a face-planted, agonizing cry for help.

We are all scarred in some way. But isn’t it comforting others near us have been through the scars and used them to help you and me? You know who else has scars? Jesus! His scars have erased our shame and guilt. We can be healed from those scars and free to follow Him and what He has planned for us to use our experiences – our purpose – to help others.

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