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The BRave Wave – Friday

Kathi Rogers shared:

My Brave experience began with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I thought I was going to Saturday morning Bible study at church. I was not on the email list that told everyone that there would be no Bible study, but instead, a planning meeting for a Women’s Conference. I was embarrassed and said, “I don’t think I am supposed to be here.”, and started to leave. Carla stopped me and said, “If you are here you are supposed to be here.”, so I stayed. I went to every meeting, I didn’t have a job in the group and didn’t offer much input, but I felt God saying I was supposed to go. I also wanted to make friends with the women at the church and the best way to make friends is to get involved. I had been praying for friends and this was how I thought God would answer that prayer. I told part of my story at that first meeting, had to be a Gd thing because it wasn’t me! I later told Lori I felt God had given me a message about chains. I had to write a note to her, I was too afraid to approach her and speak.

Later, Lori asked me to make a video about my life experiences to show at the conference. Talk about feeling not brave! I wanted to throw up the entire week before taping! But I left it in Gods hands and just talked. You know the story from there. I encourage you to not let Brave be a thing that has passed, it did not end on Saturday afternoon April eighth. It goes on every day and every night. Look deep inside yourself and ask God what brave thing you are supposed to do and let Him work through you. Never be ashamed of your story, it can and will inspire someone else. Lay it all on the line for God, that what He wants you to do.

By the way, I made some of the most awesome friends!

Being brave is not easy. I have to take a deep breath and plunge into it, but God always catches me. He will catch you too!

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