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The Best Snicker

I had a silly but insightful thing happen to me this week. Let me fill you in on the back-story: My boss has a jar of chocolate in his office which I am invited to raid if I have a chocolate emergency. My boss understands me. I happened to have a desperate need for chocolate one afternoon last week, and when I dug into the jar typically filled with Hershey’s Nuggets, I discovered an unusual little gem – a Maple Almond Butter Snickers! Now I love all things maple so I was beside myself in anticipation of this dainty delicacy. It did not disappoint. Now I basically NEVER buy candy bars at the store, but I found myself scanning the shelves of my local Walmart and Walgreens so see if they might, by chance supply my new obsession. Nothing.

A few days later I’m on a road trip and stop in at a Quick Trip for a coffee and my eyes can’t help but scan the candy while I walk – several Snicker’s options, but no Maple. My curiosity is now becoming a need.

The next day I’m in the car with my Soon-To-Be Daughter-In-Law, and she’s going through the On Cue drive-thru ordering a beverage and I surprise myself by yelling DO YOU HAVE A MAPLE SNICKERS??? The attendant says “YES”, and I hand Soon-To-Be-Daughter-In-Law a $20.00, “I’ve got this” I declare in my delirious anticipation. We wait, and we wait, and when the attendant returns she delivers the news that they are currently out of the Maple. I grab my $20.00 and tell Soon-To-Be-Daughter-In-Law she’s on her own. I am now not only disappointed, but feeling deprived. My need has become a desperation.

The NEXT day we stop by another On Cue and Soon-To-Be Daughter-In-Law runs in only to return with an Almond Butter Snickers and some devastating news: “They said they don’t sell Maple Almond Butter Snickers anymore because nobody bought them, so we’ll have to take this home and pour syrup on it”. Now that’s a girl who wants her Soon-To-Be-Mother-In-Law to be happy. My desperation has become sadness and okay, I cry a little.

Two days later I come home for lunch to find an Amazon Boxon my front porch. I’m racking my brain to remember what I recently ordered and then was surprised to open the box and find a case of Maple Almond Butter Snickers. Soon-To-Be-Daughter-In-Law and Captain Joel found a way. And my sadness became joy -not only for my Maple Almond Butter Snickers, but for the love that was shown.

I admit this is a silly story but in this crazy world we often feel our needs will never be met. We can become desperate and we can resolve that we will never be happy again. We can even find ourselves despondent. But you see, just when you think there is no hope and you think it will always be this way, our Heavenly Fathers brings the restoration in a way we never saw coming. He’s creative that way. Don’t lose hope. He sees your need, He sees your heart and He wants nothing more than to show you His love. Hang on…joy is right around the corner.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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