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Submarine Peace

Who doesn’t want peace.

I like peace.

I want peace. You want peace – but how do we get there, and even more importantly…

How do we stay there?

One thing I’ve learned for sure is that peace does NOT come at the end of my “TO DO’ list no matter how many times I say “I just need to get it done and then I can rest”.  The obvious problem is that the list never really ends.

I recently read a devotional that talked about when there’s a storm at sea (think waves CRASHING, boats SINKING), just a few hundred feet below the surface, it is completely calm. I mentioned this to BFF on our recent road trip and she told me about her brother who is in the Navy relating a similar story of how when he served on a submarine, he was never aware of the chaos in the real world. I want that kind of peace.

I want a peace that doesn’t rely on my circumstances but rather on the things I know for sure:

        God’s got a plan for my life; (Jeremiah 29:11)

        God will never leave me or forsake me; (Hebrews 13:5)

        As I live my life for Jesus Christ – God promises me a peace that this crazy world will never understand. (Phil 4:7)

I’m trading my “TO DO” list for a “TO BE” list and today, I choose to be grateful for ALL the surprises my day brings. The really interesting thing is I think I’ll still knock some things off that “TO DO” – it’ll just be more fun.

I like fun, too!

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