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Stratford, Wisconsin 2019

Outside of Ordinary a/k/a Lori had a wonderful time in Stratford, Wisconsin. Thanks to Gen at Lot 671 in Auburndale for inviting me to her Fall Barn Sale (that was absolutely beautiful) for a book signing and reading. It was so fun making new friends!

I enjoyed my morning at Community Bible Church. We laughed, we dug deep and I think we all realized we’re just a little bit like Martha and better than we thought at “name that tune.”

On behalf of the women at Community Bible Church I thank you for the encouragement, laughter and fellowship you brought us. We were deeply blessed! I hope your travels home were safe and wish you much success as you bring your messages of God’s love wherever you go! Warmest regards, Jill and the Women of CBC

Thank you Dee, Jill and all the ladies that made the morning a special time of fellowship.

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