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Steppin’ Out

It’s 2017 (breaking news, right). I love beginnings and endings – it’s the stuff in the middle that can weigh me down. My friends all know that I LOVE to finish things. I get a serious rush from knowing something is complete, accomplished, done, clean, organized or put away. Yes, my Christmas decorations are put away – that happened LAST Monday. I don’t know what or if there is something wrong with that – I see people shaking their heads sometimes (never a good sign). So I’m wrapped up 2016. I’m finished up my reports at work, I straightened my closet, I finished up the Christmas leftovers,… I could go on but the point is IT’S DONE. I’d throw away the last of the Christmas cookies but my husband won’t let me. He’s gone as far as setting up a singing alarm that detects movement in the room where I keep the cookies.

But after DONE, comes a new beginning and I love that equally as well. A fresh start, hope for something different, something better, and excitement for new adventures. The question awaits: will I be brave enough to step out of my circle of what has always been? Will I inch my toes over the line that shouts “safety ends here”? Well I can tell you wholeheartedly that the answer is a resounding YES.

This year starts with preparations for Outside of Ordinary’s first Women’s Conference in Grove, OK in April. Guess what we’re calling it???? BRAVE. We’re going to do some serious spiritual work, and get past the haunting yesterdays that keep us from experiencing the greater tomorrows. Please make plans to attend if you can. Watch our Facebook page for details.

I have some short trips that are simmering, but I’m committed to going to Lithuania this year with my siblings. Now that’s going to be an adventure you’re going to want to follow.

And since I’ve got another chance to start fresh, I’ve decided to read through the Bible this year. I’ve been Bible hopping for too long – want to join me?

Thanks for making my first year with Outside of Ordinary so fun. iIt’s been a challenge, and definitely a new adventure. But one thing for sure…this is definitely NOT DONE yet!!!

Happy New Year from Outside of Ordinary!!!

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