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I am so enjoying my new dog, Ollie. We’ve been working together on his training and for the most part, he’s doing great. I have full confidence that in time, he will be everything I want Him to be. However for now, every day is different. The biggest frustration I have with him is that he pulls on the leash when I take him for a walk.

I hired a wonderful trainer and she has helped us gain ground in this area, but little Ollie still needs lots of practice. My desire is for Ollie to keep pace with me, walking at my heel, checking in with me to see if I’m pleased with him. But in reality, Ollie will be walking alongside me and then he just loses concentration. It’s almost hopeless if he spies a squirrel or another dog. He totally forgets that his sole purpose in life is to please me. I think in his little mind, he knows he’ll get back to that but right now, THERE’S A SQUIRREL!!

In my frustration during this morning’s walk, I wondered if God often feels that way with me? There’s no doubt that I love Him. I want to walk with Him. I want to please Him…but then there are the “squirrels” that come running by and I lose my concentration, intrigued by the distraction. I’ve even left my master’s side a few times to chase the idea.

When Ollie loses step with me, I make him stop, sit, refocus and we try again. I’ve certainly had that experience in my walk with God. Stop, stay, refocus and try again. (I think they call that repentance). The difference in this comparison is that I can get VERY frustrated with Ollie, but God always remains patient with me. Hmmm, perhaps He too, knows that in time I will be everything He intended for me to be.

I am so very grateful for God’s “outside of ordinary” grace, mercy and continual patience.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” NLT


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