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Running Free

…and Ollie teaches us yet another lesson. Let’s start with a fact. Ollie does not like to walk on a leash. He is simply too anxious to get where he’s going. He also wants to chase squirrels, bunnies, foxes, leaves – you name it. I’ve tried all sorts of training collars, treats and even losing my temper. He feels bad, I can tell, but he just can’t seem to help himself. HE WANTS TO RUN. So I got the bright idea of taking him to our back lot and let him off the leash. To my amazement he did great. He ran and hopped and circled around me and when he got a little too far away, I called him and he came right back to me. I was so pleased and he was so happy. I did this for a couple more days. Then I decided to let him off the leash when we were almost home from a neighborhood walk and he ran straight home and waiting for me by the door. I was so pleased and he was so happy. I took Hero Husband with me one day on the back lot. We let Ollie go and he disappeared into the woods for a bit and didn’t come when I called…but he came out a minute or so later and all was well. The next time I let him go he discovered a bunny and well that didn’t go well. Fortunately Ollie didn’t catch the bunny, and he eventually came back. I wasn’t so pleased but he was VERY happy. The next day Ollie just took off into the woods and I heard a yelp and then nothing. I couldn’t get to him because of barbed wire and very, very thick thorny brush. I called and called – nothing. I ran for Hero Husband who went into the woods and could not find him. I went to the neighbor’s house on the other side of the woods – they hadn’t seen him.  I went home and sat. I prayed. I looked out the window time and time again. Then finally I saw my prodigal dog making his way out of the woods. He was scraped a bit probably from the barbed wire and brambles. He looked incredibly happy. Then he threw up a couple of times – I don’t even want to think about what he ate.

So news flash…OLLIE IS GROUNDED. No more running free. He can’t respect his boundaries and it puts him in danger.

I dreamed of running free when I was a teenager. No more boundaries – I distinctly remember telling my mother “it’s my life and I’ll do what I want”. For a while I thought I was happy but I soon found myself emotionally scraped up and not so healthy. There’s a reason for boundaries. At this point in my life I love that the Word of God gives me those boundaries. I am not under the law. God gives me free choice to run into the woods. I rarely do that anymore. I do my best to obey his Word – it protects me and keeps from all sorts of danger.  Best of all my Master is pleased and I am so very happy.

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