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Restoration Promise

I decided to read the book of Ezra in the Bible this week. The first thing that gave me pause was found in chapter 1 vs 7: “King Cyrus gave back the things that Nebuchadnezzar (so glad I don’t have to write that name every day) had taken from the Lord’s temple in Jerusalem and had put in the temple of his own gods.”

We are all know the pain and frustration of having something taken away from us that is rightfully ours. We feel violated, the world is unfair and something should be done to punish the thief. Face it, we usually get bitter before we get better.

We’re living in a time when our “normal” is being taken away. For some that just means social interaction, but for others it means our income, our sense of purpose. Some of you may have even lost loved ones to the Corona Virus. The thief has indeed come to steal, kill and destroy.

It can feel so ugly and so hopeless.

Outside of Ordinary is about “stepping out of the circle of expectation” and looking for a different perspective. It’s about hope. Today I want to tell you that I’m a big believer in RESTORATION. I firmly believe that God restores us, restores our situations and as Romans 8 tells us, “works all things together for our good”.

Have you ever suffered a “loss” only to find out later that the restoration was sooo much better?

When I was a little girl I dreamed of living in a brand new house. When Hero Husband and I married, the first thing we did was build a brand new house. I was living my dream. And then God put a call on our hearts to go to the mission field. That decision required us to move to a new location, and give up my dream house. We moved into an apartment. My heart was sad – and part of me felt like my dream was stolen. Little did I know at that time that just a few years later, we would be building another brand new house that was even more beautiful than  my original house. I imagine when I sobbed as I walk out the door of my first house, God smiled. He already knew the blessing and restoration He had planned for me.

As we lean into God and trust His plan for our lives, we can have a confidence that just like King Cyrus gave the Jewish people their stuff back (along with a new temple), God will restore us. I will warn you though…your restoration might look very different than anything you ever imagined. Watch out when God smiles.

There is hope for a better tomorrow – I promise!


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