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Plum Surprised

Has anyone else noticed that our “shelter in place” status caused food to be a source of entertainment? We played a lot of cards but we’ve made A LOT of food – and it’s not like it just sits there on the counter looking pretty – eating has become entertainment. We had fun experimenting and trying new recipes. Hero Husband tackled homemade bread and homemade cheese. Silly Sister made some amazing desserts (not normally her forte but she succeeded at the challenge). Last week I specifically asked her if she would make some homemade spaghetti sauce like our Mom would make, and I assured her we had Italian sausage and meatballs in the freezer.

I came home from work on spaghetti night and my house smelled like a cozy Italian restaurant – it was heavenly. I was happy to sit down as she placed a plateful of steaming noodles covered in the aromatic sauce. As I began delicately shoveling the pasta into my mouth I noticed the dark large round…hmmm olives? Tomatoes? Unusual at best, but just before I asked, Hero Husband took a bite and asked the million dollar question:

“Did you put plums in the spaghetti sauce?”

Silly Sister blushingly responded “I thought they were meatballs.”

<insert belly laugh>

Honestly, the sauce was fine as long as you avoided the plums – and once we removed the plums, you wouldn’t have even known.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes even with the best intentions. If life were sauce, we sometimes throw plums in it and hope they taste like meatballs. We might think something is a good idea and then we’re “plum surprised” to soon realize it’s throwing everything off. The important lesson is to recognize the bad choice for what it is and get it out ASAP. If nothing else it will leave you with a good story to share.

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