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Packets of Love

I ran across an interesting concept the other day. A student who came from a very unconventional family of 17 children made a comment that the reason she was so well balanced is that she learned to accept love even when it didn’t come in the expected packages. And when it came, no matter how small the package, she believed it.

Could it be that we don’t always recognize love and therefore reject it, declaring ourselves unloved and miserable? What does a package of love look like for you?

Do you let our culture and the media dictate what love is supposed to look like? Feel like?

I want to challenge you today to look at your world – let’s start big…do you acknowledge the love of God who gave you another day to live?

Do you see the love of God in the creation around you – did you see that flower?

Let’s bring it a little closer:

Do you see the love that is packaged in the little kindnesses sent your way?

Do you see the love in the care a family member extends to you – no matter how small the gesture?

Could we be happier if we opened our hearts to the possibility of love rather than setting a standard for what we “need” to feel loved?

Perhaps you’re looking for love in grand gestures, romance, or specific behavior.

Do you find yourself thinking “if they REALLY loved me, they would…)?

Today I challenge you to step outside your circle of expectation and open your heart, open you eyes, drop the cynicism and the speculation and receive the love that’s being offered…Don’t miss out on the packages of love that are coming your way – your heart will smile and you’ll find yourself sending even more packages of love into your world.

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