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One More Step

It’s early morning at Little Wolf Lodge. The beauty of this place diminishes work expectations for the day. Hero Husband and I are helping Fashionista Daughter create her newest project, an AirBnB in the San Bernardino Mountains.We’ve been here long enough to establish somewhat of a routine. We wake very early and have our morning coffee on the deck, watching the sunrise. We take care of emails, etc and establish the goals for the day. Hero Husband and Daughter take on the big projects while I paint, clean and make sure everyone is fed. However before we take on the day, Daughter and I take her dog for a walk. Daughter’s idea for a morning stroll is to walk up the very (emphasis on very) steep hill. My first attempt was a challenge as I was still recuperating from the respiratory virus Baby B was so kind to share with me. We had to stop and rest before completing the journey to the top of the hill. I got there - it was hard, but the view was spectacular. As the days pressed on, the hill continued to be a challenge for me, but I was making it without stopping. After a few days of wrestling with the hill I developed a strategy that didn’t make the hill any less steep, but made it seem less daunting. Rather than looking at the hill in front of me, I would focus my attention on my feet - and just take the next step….and then the next, and the next until sure enough, I was on top of the hill.

Maybe you’re in a challenging situation or maybe life is just plain hard right now. I encourage you to get your eyes off the overwhelming obstacles and focus on the next step. One step in the right direction is one step closer to success. When you don’t know all the answers, just make the best choice for today. One thing I know for sure is that God is faithful. The Bible tells us that his Word is a lamp unto our feet. He will walk with you and He will guide you.

…just keep taking one more step.

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