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On Being Earnest

What a wonderful and amazing week it’s been. Performing in Shirley Valentine has been an exhilarating challenge for sure, and I have been overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me. Family members traveled from Arizona for the opening and we had a wonderful time exploring in between shows. More family will be arriving this weekend, which means more food and fun.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love this week. I have been blessed with a loving family, a loving husband (who supports all my crazy adventures) and a loving community of friends. I was challenged by the message at church last Sunday that was based on the scripture in I Peter (1:22) that challenges us to “love earnestly”. Loving with intention means loving without regard of ME – without regard of the outcome – with the regard of giving honor to God. We love because He first loved us, and literally gave His life for us.

I want to be better at loving.

I experienced being loved this week. Family members sacrificing to be at my big moment, a friend driving 11 hours to spend just a few hours with me, a friend coming to every show just to promote Outside of Ordinary, flowers, gifts – my, oh my, SUCH LOVE AND KINDNESS.

But every week is not like that. We all have those days when we wonder where the love is. That is when it’s our turn to love earnestly. A very wise friend once taught me to “give out of my need”. We often associate this with money, but it holds true in our emotional needs as well. Need love? Give love! Need grace? Give grace! Need forgiveness? Give forgiveness! Sow a seed and reap a harvest.

Make it a point to LOVE EARNESTLY this week…and let me assure you that you are loved beyond measure. Jesus loves you without fail, every day, and every minute. He thought of YOU that day on the cross. Think of HIM today.


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