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Not So Hidden Treasure

I recently discovered some hidden treasure…seriously. I purchased tickets for  an unusual event in Bentonville, Arkansas called “The Gathering Table”. It’s a dinner prepared for up to twelve people with the sole purpose of discussing a topic while enjoying some spectacular local food. I grabbed Hero Husband and we hit the road. We arrived to find that there would be 7 complete strangers joining us to discuss the topic of “failure”. We were given questions to consider a few days prior so we could be a bit prepared. Our group was quite random: a pilot and his wife, an attorney, a traveling sales rep, a nurse, a performance artist, a women who just moved from Brooklyn, NY in the fashion industry and well me and HH. The food was amazing – I could do a whole blog on the street tacos and this incredible blue cheese dip – but that was just the top of the treasure. Our conversation was incredible. Everyone was open and ready to share their experiences with failure, and also how those failures spurred them on to be who they are. It was encouraging, humorous, motivating and well FUN. I only spent a couple of hours with this group of people but I felt an unbelievable kinship – they had become our friends.

This experience has motivated me to be more open with the strangers I encounter everyday. Each life is indeed a treasure box of experiences, joys, sorrows and lessons learned. I want to ask more questions and learn more about people.

It’s yet another step outside of my circle into a world of new friends. I challenge you to consider engaging in a conversation with a stranger – just ask a question. Make a connection…who knows what treasure you’ll uncover!

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