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Not my Ordinary Breakfast

It was a Wednesday, and on Wednesday morning I usually make myself a protein shake for breakfast – I always make a little extra for Hero Husband to help keep him fit, and give him a little boost in his day.  On this particular Wednesday I was especially motivated to make my shake as energy packed as possible because I was sending Hero Husband off to Royal Family Kids Camp.  He serves as a counselor at this terrific camp for foster kids.

So I add my usual unsweetened vanilla almond milk, protein powder, and chia seeds.  To amp up this shake, I added a banana and my special, energy- packed surprise – the rest of the moringa leaves I had in the freezer.  I picked these up at a Farmer’s Market and they are vitamin packed.  Now, they were in the freezer for a bit so they were covered with ice crystals.  “Hmmm, I wonder if they’re still good?”

I convinced myself they were just fine, and that the ice crystals would just help chill the drink.   Since there wasn’t much in the package, I just dumped in all the contents, and pushed the start button on my blender.  I poured my yummy beverage into my tall glass, added a straw, and some into Keith’s small glass, no straw.  We were set.

I sat down in my morning chair, grabbed my iPad, turned to my morning devotional, and took a nice long draw on my straw.   Whoa…what is this weird sensation in my mouth, tingle – no burning – was there something wrong with mixing moringa leaves with a banana? …no wait…I recognize this taste!  Oh, no, those weren’t the moringa leaves, I poured in the package of diced jalapenos!!!  My throat and my stomach were on fire.   Now, let me tell you, THAT was “a step out of my circle of expectation”!!

Keith comes to see what the commotion is all about and I proclaim “DO NOT DRINK THAT SHAKE”! I quickly explain what I had done, and what does he do?  He takes a sip!  He knows what’s in it, and he still TAKES A SIP!  He shouts “GOOD GRIEF THAT’S AWFUL”!

Ya think?  I warned you!!!  Call me crazy, but Adam and Eve flashed thru my mind.

Life, our own conscience, and most importantly, the Word of God presents us with all sorts of warnings. We’re all guilty of ignoring them from time to time.  Lesson for the week:  Warnings have merit.  An element of danger always precedes a warning – something happened to someone, somewhere that caused someone to say “be careful here”.  It only makes sense that we would be wise to heed them.

…it could save us from a lot of unnecessary “burning”.

-Lori Klickman

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