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Merry Christmas!!!

For those of you who are familiar with my first blog “The Plant”, you will enjoy this photo.  A mysterious person gave the plant (still on our sanctuary platform) some Christmas Bling. Thank you whoever you are – what a fun blessing.

Here’s a re-run of the story of the THE PLANT:

I was blessed to be able to move into a new home shortly after I was married. However, we had very little in the way of furnishings and decorations and I was so anxious to make it my home. After looking at hundreds of photos in magazines I decided that one piece that could make a difference in my humble home was a big plant. Since I don’t have much of a green thumb, I began my search for an inexpensive fake plant.

I soon found one in my budget (I think it was $9.95). It was a good size plant, a bit of strange green, but doable. I was VERY proud of the addition to my living room. It was the perfect touch!

Years later we finished the lower level of our home and now, since we had a “family” we added a family room. Again not a lot of extra money for décor but I had accumulated a few more things in my living room so I was willing to sacrifice my plant and move it to the family room. It was the perfect touch!

Several years passed and we decided to move to Oklahoma for some mission work and found ourselves in a small apartment – the plant was delegated to the corner of the dining room. It was the perfect touch.

It wasn’t long before I was given a cubicle in the office where I could have access to a computer – it was my space and it needed some love – so I placed the plant in the corner…the perfect touch.

The plant continued to follow me to my office at the church, and to my new home when we move to Grove – where it landed in the bathroom and to another new home where it spent some time in my daughter’s bedroom. Later on down the road I was given an office at the insurance agency I worked for and of course the plant was strategically placed in the corner.

It was at this time that the plant succumbed to some criticism…it was now at least 15 years old and it perhaps had faded a bit. Some of co-workers shook their heads, but I was loyal to my plant.

When we moved our offices to a brand new building, I did some major decorating and purchased a new plant. I found a new place for the old plant in the office bathroom for a time (feeling rather proud of my generosity), before my employer replaced it with another new plant. It was then I found my dear friend placed at the backdoor, to go out with the garbage. I offered the plant to my co-workers for their office but all refused.

Are you kidding me? I rescued the plant and placed it in the attic, stating I might need it for a stage prop at some point. I was and am still serving as the Drama Director at our church.

Sure enough, last year’s Christmas program took place in a “park” so lots of greenery was needed and I hauled the plant off to the church. It enjoyed being on stage – I could tell…it was the perfect touch. I decided to leave the plant at church in the storage room – surely we would use it again at some juncture.

A week later I entered the sanctuary, ready to worship – the Christmas decorations were removed and the church platform was returned to its normal status except for one thing…

The pianist must have found my plant, because she strategically placed it next to her piano where she could use it to camouflage her light. And there it stays…a very ordinary, well-used, somewhat faded plant, in a very prestigious place.

The only plant on our worship platform, I might add and it’s the perfect touch.

We are like my plant. God may move us around a lot, but everyplace He puts us, is the perfect place. It may not be the most prestigious place, it may be as humble as a bathroom…but it’s where we can best serve our purpose for that particular time. The world may ridicule, or make us feel that we are not worth much, but our Heavenly Father knows where we’ve been and what we’re capable of. He may even store us away for a time. We have no idea what is in store for us in the future…where we will be placed or how God will use us. That’s the exhilaration of faith…of hope. We don’t know, but we can trust. Perhaps someday, we too may find a place we never expected to be, serving our God in a brand new way…way “outside of ordinary”.

Be kind to the plants.

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