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I  had a thought the other day while talking with Hero Husband: As Christians, we’ve become comfortable with sharing our prayer needs with our church family, Bible study group or our close friends. “I’m not feeling well, my friend has cancer, I have a financial need, my son is in trouble”…the list is endless. What’s not so common is sharing our ANSWERS to prayer, or what God is doing in our life, or what we learned recently from reading our Bibles or a good book. I tested this out in my Sunday school class. Instead of taking prayer requests, I asked if anyone would like to share how God answered prayer this week, or something God did in your life…

…and there was dead silence. Either God’s not moving (which I know is NOT the case) or we’re not paying attention…or maybe we’re uncomfortable to share. This confuses me.

SO my challenge to you this week is to share some good news with your church family, your Bible study group or your close friends…or better yet a stranger. Give God some glory. Put a smile on His face. What better way is there to say “thank you” to the one who loves you most.

Don’t forget to check out the details for the upcoming Beth Moore Simulcast on October 5th in Grove, OK.  Outside of Ordinary will be there as we celebrate “Strong Sisters”.



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