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It Only Takes A Spark

I was reading in Hebrews yesterday and came across the following verse (12:2)

“(Jesus) endured the shame of being nailed to the cross because he knew that later He would be glad He did” (CEV)

I found myself praying that I would make the tough right decisions throughout my day, knowing that I would be “glad I did”. This intentionality can be applied to our work ethic, our eating habits, our exercise, and even our acts of kindness. Being “intentional” simply means putting in the extra effort, focusing, setting a priority.

Are you like me in that you have a lot of random ideas roaming around your mind?  An idea can be a spark, and we all know that all it takes is a spark to get a fire going. I want to challenge you to be intentional about your ideas today…what if:

  1. instead of just thinking about a person, you actually reach out to them;

  2. instead of wondering why you haven’t seen your neighbor out walking their dog, stop by and see if they’re okay;

  3. when you see that yummy treat at the bakery and you think how your co-worker would love that – surprise them with it.

  4. instead of thinking how something could be better – make it better.

Be intentional and take the next step, knowing that that later on…

you’ll be glad you did.


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