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I Have a Habit

It’s been said something becomes habit when repeated 21 days. I began walking routinely this past June. It’s amazing how this dreaded activity is now quite enjoyable. I don’t want to break this habit once I reach a fitness goal! I need to be ready when those thoughts creep into my head. “You don’t need to walk today, you deserve to rest!” “It’s been stressful – don’t add to your schedule by taking time to walk!” When it happens (notice I didn’t say IF), I will ask God to strengthen my desire to stay healthy and my accountability partner to help me ignore the Big Lie!

I have a habit of falling back into mistaken thinking – or as my life coach instructor calls it – stinkin’ thinkin’!

It wasn’t normal to seek God when my negative thoughts needed redirecting. Early in my faith journey, it was on Sunday I prayed and during times I needed God’s help. As my journey developed, I was eager to learn more and included a daily devotion with praise and gratitude. Then I became a sponge and began bible reading and attending studies.

When I sought a Christian therapist last year when making life changes, he asked, “Do you love Jesus madly?” I think my blank stare and water works answered that question. I confessed I didn’t have the type of intimacy with Christ I needed or wanted. He recommended I make a date with Jesus and spend HOURS with him! It took me awhile to commit to that date, but when I did, it was 3 incredible hours we spent together. It was deep, peaceful, and comforting. I grew closer to Christ that day! This intimacy is where I get strength when the negative thoughts come.

Spiritual habits can be a time of learning or praise or surrender of bad habits. Some people enjoy listening to worship music or journaling. Some find comfort in memorizing scripture, tithing, or fasting. A Spiritual habit can be repenting from something you did or said, a time of confession. Or forgiving someone on a regular basis. I love solitude and silence in my daily prayer time, each morning after I walk, with a cup of coffee.

What are your habits when it comes to relating to Jesus? Is it only on Sundays? Is it sporadic as you need him? Or is it daily and meaningful? Comment below or email me at

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