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I Got Skills

I didn’t realize my learned skills in school, parenting and jobs would prepare me for God’s purpose of my life. My number one spiritual gift is Administration. (We will explore Spiritual Gifts next week) It should be no surprise that I am detailed, organized and efficient. I can plan a reunion, organize a successful fundraiser, run a household, manage large accounts and type it all up in an excel spreadsheet with ease. However, I didn’t realize I was an introvert that was trying to be an extrovert! That meant learning to be comfortable in relating to people in sales, account management and putting myself “out there” to experience relationships on a different level. In my last career I was stretched beyond what I thought my capabilities were, but gained experience in exactly what I needed to prepare me as a Life Purpose Coach and start my own business. I can comfortably ask anyone questions to obtain answers, reach into someone’s heart and hear their soul speak about their purpose.

I thought I was preparing for a career until retirement in sales and running accounts, but God was preparing my skills for his purpose!

I’ve shared character strengths in a previous blog, so let’s look at our talents, skills and abilities. When identifying strengths in these areas, I look for what clients are talented at doing, how much they love doing it, and what their skills and abilities are. Not everyone is good with numbers, technology, reading blueprints or marketing, but are you? Or do you lean towards acting, drawing, sculpting, writing or singing/playing an instrument? Can you graphic design, sell a product or service, or lead people? How about thinking clearly under pressure or counseling someone? Do you speak other languages or can you design a home?

When you use these talents and abilities, do they spring-board you into each day, or are they draining the very life out of you? How do you think God can use these skills as a purpose to help others? Are you already doing that with great passion in knowing you are making a difference? If not, look at all your talents, abilities and skills to really hear what makes your heart sing. Share those with me by commenting below or email me at

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