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Humility Update

I chose the word “HUMILITY” for the year 2020 and I’ve made some interesting discoveries during the last 6 months. My idea of humility when starting this journey was:

-not thinking of myself as better than anyone else;

-not seeking personal gain;

-and basically keeping my mouth shut (you have to know me to understand why this would benefit me a great deal.)

What I’ve learned so far (beyond those initial ideas) is:

-rather than comparing myself to others, I try to compare myself to Jesus. Comparing         myself to others often leads to tearing others down in order to lift myself up;

-rather than trying to be better than others, I try to be better than I was yesterday. I compete against myself;

-keeping my mouth shut a little more often keeps me from hurting others and having to ask for forgiveness as often. Proverbs tells us that “Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut”.

Really the bottom line is keeping my eyes on Jesus and not on myself. -Striving for a servant’s heart and looking for opportunities to reflect God’s love. I can’t help but think of the disciple Peter when he stepped out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus: it was a miraculous adventure until he took his eyes off of Jesus and he began to sink.(Matthew 14)

I want to spend more time on a miraculous adventure than sinking in my own fears and insecurities. So I’m getting out of the boat of comparison and competition and keeping my eyes on the One who loves me most.

Just some things to think about.

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