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Happy 4th of July!

Hero Husband and I started our holiday with coffee and pictures of the most memorable 4th of July we’ve celebrated together. There were no fireworks, and truth be told, we weren’t even in America. 3 years ago we were traveling in Europe and landed in Athens, Greece VERY late on the 3rd of July. We were traveling as a group of 7. When our plane landed, we jumped on a train and then wandered the streets of Athens looking for our rental apartment. It appeared we were not in the best of neighborhoods. We were tired, we were scared, and we were hungry.

We found our apartment, not bad. There was promise of a view of the Parthenon – you could barely see out the windows. We laughed – sorta. There was also promise of a terrace and that was missing as well…until someone spotted the steep staircase. We ascended to the top and I will never forget that moment. There was not only a beautiful roof top terrace with couches and a table, but there it was….the Parthenon, on top of a hill, lit up and one of the most incredible sights I’d ever seen – most likely due to the fact I did not expect that in my backyard.

Some of our group left to forage for food – it was 11:00 p.m. so we had little hope of anything satisfiying. But they stumbled into a closing restaurant that was happy to box up several Greek dishes and send a plastic jug of wine. One of the most amazing meals of my life…on a roof…looking at the Parthenon…and toasting the 4th of July.

Celebrate and be thankful for the simple joys of living.


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