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So how are those New Year’s resolutions going? By the grace of God, I’m still faithful to mine. Believe it or not, the hardest one for me, has been letting go of my addictive word puzzle computer game. I had a habit of reverting to the word puzzle game whenever I had down time. I justified that it was good for my brain, but even as I was playing I could feel an addictive spirit all over me – I always just want to play “one more round”. And to make matters worse, I would often feel if I didn’t have time to play, I was deprived of real relaxation. It occurred to me that I could be using my time much more profitably, even while vegging on my iPad. I could read for example, which would give me a break from my reality but prove a source for some further education. And, since I chose KNOWLEDGE as my word for 2017, therein lies a perfect source. So instead of playing my word puzzle game, I am traveling around the world with 3 girls in a really fun novel: “The Lost Girls”. I’m learning about the Amazon and life in a hostel. We hiked to Machu Picchu and dared to go into the slums of Rio…oh, and I believe we’re heading to Africa soon. Yet another step outside of my circle of ordinary and it’s proving to be a very good choice.

Resolving to be better does not have to be painful – it’s simply a matter of adjusting your HABITUDES…the pattern of what you think or feel. In this instance, playing my word puzzle was what I thought brought me comfort and/or joy. Somewhere along the line I equated relaxation with the game and it became a habit. When I challenged my thinking (attitude), and dared to try something different, I found a much better source of comfort – and to think, I was trapped in problem solving when I could have been traveling the world and meeting new people. In this new year, consider a different perspective, change it up, and find the adventure that awaits. Who knows, maybe some of you who are stuck in book, should try a word game!

Beware of the habitudes – they can steal your joy, and the potential for so much more. There’s a lotta life out there to be lived…step out of your circle of ordinary, and explore the adventure.

As I’m reading through the Bible this year, I am gaining new insights and even more knowledge of all the God has to offer. I forgot how wonderful the Old Testament stories are, and how encouraging a Psalm can be in the midst of the frustrations of life:

“I praise you, Lord, for being my guide. Even in the darkest night, your teachings fill my mind. I will always look to you, as you stand beside me, and protect me from fear. With all my heart, I will celebrate, and I can safely rest.” Psalm 16:7-9

I love a reason to celebrate!

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