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Gifted, Part Two

My last blog relayed general information and biblical description of Spiritual Gifts. If you haven’t read that first, you might take a moment and review Gifted, Part One.

As a Life Purpose Coach, it is important to help a client determine what gifts the Holy Spirit has purposely given to them. It may not be wise to coach someone into leadership roles if that person is an introvert, and not gifted with Leadership or Shepherding, but has high marks in Hospitality, Mercy and Giving. Trying to put a square peg into a circle hole in your career, volunteering or ministry could be why you are miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I was good in a support role administratively as an assistant, but never content. There was always a longing for more. I wasn’t using all my gifts.

In addition to having the gift of Administration, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I have the gifts of Encouragement (Exhortation) and Faith, which go hand in hand with life coaching people. I can encourage and comfort someone in view of a past tragedy or trial, but can effectively urge her to pursue a course of conduct. My Faith allows me to have a vision with a firm conviction that God will bring it to pass, even if it looks impossible. My gift of Leadership allows me to persuade, influence and motivate others to be and do their best for God. Prophecy allows me to proclaim and reveal truth in a timely and relevant manner for understanding, edification, correction and repentance. I can subtly and lovingly tell someone they may need to change, but encourage and coach a different path to correction. And lastly, Shepherding (Pastor-Teacher) gives me a dual gift of shepherding a flock, but more pertinent to me, is teaching a balanced meal of spiritual food that will produce growth and maturity in others, one person at a time.

Aren’t those the gifts you would want in your Life Purpose Coach? How did I miss that for most of my life?

I didn’t believe I had these gifts when first introduced to them. I see this in clients when we discuss their strengths and don’t have confidence to see their worth or, want a different gift! Patterns of how my gifts were used throughout life experiences, and the joy they brought to me and others is how I understood to use them purposefully. Once revealed, it’s an amazing feeling!

Not everyone will have the gift of Wisdom or Serving or Knowledge. But we are to earnestly desire the best gifts and find our appointed place in the Body of Christ. You’ll gain great fulfillment, comfort, and peace when you apply your strengths to what God has called you to do.

Below is a link to an assessment of your Spiritual Gifts and descriptions you can review. Before you do this, ask God, “How can you use me? All of me?” If you don’t ask, you may not receive. And love the answers – don’t fight them! I’ve had clients and friends deny their gifts. You can sure try, but ultimately, God will move you in the direction he needs you to go, whether it’s with excitement or kicking and screaming!

Share your gifts with me. Comment below or email me at


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