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Follow the Signs

Yes I’m on vacation, and yes I wasn’t planning on blogging this week…until this happened:

Packing for vacation can be a challenge. Especially when you’re not completely familiar with the climate of your destination or exactly sure what you’re actually going to do when you get there. I’m working on not having every moment planned out ahead of time, and well that means not necessarily being prepared for what the spontaneous life will offer.

Hero Husband and I are spending the week at Lake Tahoe. So far we’ve enjoyed eating, swimming, eating, hiking, eating, shopping and eating. Our first few days were spent at a luxurious resort (my idea of a perfect vacation) and the remaining days are being spent at very comfortable quaint cabin (Hero Husband’s idea of a perfect vacation). So today, instead of eating crepes at a cute diner in a ski village for lunch, I am eating a yummy BBQ salad from the Safeway deli while laying on my bed.  Lest you think I’m whining, I’m equally content in both scenarios.

Back to the story…Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to check zip lining off my bucket list. I am hugely excited about this. For years, every time I attempted to go, something got in the way. Now, it’s not incredibly warm here and I didn’t really pack the right clothes, but I could have faked it. Hero Husband was very concerned that he did not have warm enough clothing, so off to town we went this morning in search of a hoodie for him. We found a couple of souvenir shops but Hero Husband did not find what he was looking for – at least not for the price he was willing to pay. Just when we were about to give up, we notice the  dancing tiger on the side of the road. Next to this adorable creature was Sabrina (yes, we’re friends now) holding the yard sale sign. We drove by and chuckled at their enthusiasm, and then Hero Husband suggested we might find what we’re looking for at a yard sale. So we turned around and the dancing tiger gave us a thumbs up. Sure enough, Hero Husband found his hoodie, AND a hat, and I found a sweatshirt and a down vest – all for a $10.00 donation to Lake Tahoe School!

Stepping out of your circle of expectation might mean that instead of chuckling at the signs in front of you, you need to follow them. The answer might be closer than you think.

I am grateful for my outside of ordinary shopping experience today!!!

#Adventure #humor

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