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Fight, Flee or Walk On?

I think more than ever I am thankful that my very life rests in the hand of God (Psalm 66:9). I BELIEVE it, and I truly believe there is NOTHING on this earth that separate me from His love (Romans 8:35). What incredible peace this gives me.

Our journey through this life has numerous obstacles, challenges and hardships. As I grow in my relationship with Jesus I am learning I do not have to fight, I can rest (peace). I do not have to run and hide, I can stand firm on the solid rock (trust), Best of all, I am not stuck. I choose to keep walking, moving forward (even. when I'm not sure where I'm going) in my quest to be all that God has called me to be (hope).

I love what John Ortberg said:

"Growth is handcrafted, not massed produced. God's desire is to create the

best version of YOU."

The obstacles, challenges and hardships are part of our journey. They are shaping us, forming us and enabling us to be better.

Do you dare to believe that God is control of every area of your life? That He is actually working all things together for your good (Romans 8:28)? Not only is it the truth - it's the best news ever! Lay down your weapons, (anger, bitterness, attitude) take off your running shoes (no need to run and hide) and put on your hiking boots. There's so much to explore. You're getting closer to the finish line every day!

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