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Eyes on You

I had the blessing of watching my grandson, Baby B yesterday. It was the first time I had him in my home for the whole day - just me and him. I spent the first hour following him around as he instructed me how to baby proof my house. Even after I felt like I was providing a safe environment for him I kept a close eye on him. One thing that brought my heart joy is how he would “check-in” with me every few minutes. We’d make eye contact and he would give me one of those sweet smiles and then back to the task of banging my measuring cups. He felt safe as long as he knew I was reachable.

It is easy to make the comparison of checking in with our heavenly Father. I know I always want Him present in my life even when I’m not necessarily thinking about Him and the truth is He always is - remember His promise to never leave us or forsake us. Baby B reminded me the importance of “checking-in” with Him. Not only will it give me peace and security but it equally brings joy to His heart.

When our eyes are on Him the world and its difficulties fade. We can find the strength to carry on with our tasks. Our sweet smile of gratitude will forever bring joy to His heart. Maybe you’re like me, and sometimes simply forget

…He always has His eyes on us.

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