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Every Day is a New Journey

I had such a great time at the Outside of Ordinary event in Stratford, Wisconsin last weekend. I met new friends, shared stories, and of course got a few laughs in. A huge shout-out to Dee Curtin for sitting with me at the Lot 671 Barn Sale Book Signing. I haven’t been that cold in a loooong time – oh oh, and I got to see the first snowflakes of the season!  After the event, BFF and I took a road trip across Wisconsin, landing me in Milwaukee where I spent time with my sweet niece and her family.

Who doesn’t love a good journey? You see things you’ve never seen before, meet people you’ve never met before, taste things you’ve never tasted before, and welcome all the adventure it brings.

I was heading off to work this morning and reflecting back on my days in Wisconsin. The thought occurred to me that really EVERY DAY can be a journey if you look at it that way:

     *Every day is unique in its experience – surely you will see SOMETHING you’ve never

        seen before – even if it’s a flower or a cloud;

     *There’s always someone new to meet – or at least someone to get to know better;

     *There’s always a new food to try, or a new dish to create;

     *There’s always a new adventure – even if it’s just driving home a different way!

How’s your journey going today? If you’re thinking “what journey?”, let me give you a new perspective:

                                  EVERY DAY IS A JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN

Take a look around…you are surrounded by new adventure: There are people to smile at, books to read, walks to take. There are recipes galore to try. There are lunches with new friends, there are new songs on the radio.

Fasten your seatbelt, and let’s go…

”Forgetting what is behind and striving for what’s ahead” Phil 3:13

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