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Did You Really Fail?

I mentioned last week that I participated in a unique experience called “The Gathering Table”. Hero Husband and I met with a small group of strangers to partake in a beautiful meal, and a discussion on the topic of failure. We both came away from the experience with a new perspective and encouragement in our hearts. We witnessed others at the table struggle through some difficult emotions and find healing. We laughed at some consequences of bad choices, and we became friends. I want to share just a few highlights of our discoveries:

How do you really define failure – even if you “fail a test” you still have learned in the process;  Sometimes you just need to find a new teacher.

What appears to be a failure at first is really just opening the door to a great success; Failure can be life’s way of bumping you back on course.

The Pilot who joined us shared that during flight simulator training, they throw impossible situations at you, setting you up for failure to train you for the worst possible scenario; Failure can prepare you for the future.

Bottom line is that it’s really just a matter of perspective. I love the story of the National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones who was assigned to take photos of a field of dandelions but “failed” (due to his own procrastination) to get there in a timely manner. He found himself standing in a field of “puff balls”. Rather than pack up his bags and go home, he laid down on the ground with his camera, looked up and took this award-winning photo. Did he fail his assignment? – No…he just let his perceived “failure” motivate a new perspective and instead accomplished something “outside of ordinary”.

Let those perceived “failures” launch you into a new perspective!

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