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Corona Crazy

You may have noticed that I took a little time away from my weekly video and blog. Truth is, I’m supposed to be in Fiji right now – I had a spa day arranged for this very day. But then life happened…er should I say Corona happened. I was sure I heard from God and I was determined to go on my trip. I was not afraid. I was prepared to face whatever happened and just trust that I would be where God wanted me to be – quarantined people need encouragement too! The twist however, was that I was going with my family – 4 other people who wavered on “should I stay or should I go”. Sweet Pea Daughter-in-law is pregnant but there were no cases of Corona in Fiji – perhaps it would be safer for her in Fiji. Fashionista Daughter was already working remotely so she was free. Hero Husband was trying to be prudent and wise and well Captain Joel was concerned about his military responsibilities should he get stuck somewhere. I watched my son’s anxiety grow and listened to him talk himself down but then it would escalate again. When he stated that he could lose his Command position should something happen as a result of a reckless decision, my love for him overrode any statement of faith I was trying to make. We cancelled the trip.

I’m not going to lie – I was sad. My soul needed a hug so I went and purchased a fried chicken dinner. I knew I couldn’t eat fried chicken for long, so Hero Husband and I went to the Humane Society the day our flight was to depart and we adopted a new dog, Ollie. His full name is Oliver Fiji Klickman. His hugs and kisses are even better than fried chicken.

I learned an important lesson through all of this. Sometimes we get overly concerned with making the right choice to “be in God’s will”. The truth is that as long as our hearts are surrendered and submissive to the Lord, He will make sure we are where we are supposed to be, even when our desires get in the way. Fiji had their first case of Corona on the day we were scheduled to arrive. They sealed the city and immediately began discussions regarding travel bans. I guarantee my time in Fiji would not have gone as I planned or dreamed. I missed the mark in my exuberance to be faithful, but God was faithful to protect me through the wisdom of my son. God is forever faithful. He will never leave us or forsake us. His plan is perfect and he upholds us in His right hand.

Every day is a new adventure in a pandemic…be attentive and learn some new lessons. I’d love to hear what you have discovered. Send me a note with your story.

#Faith #humor

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